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Philip Pearlman - P&R Associates

Philip Pearlman – P&R Associates

  • P+R Associates was formed by Philip Pearlman in 1983, and is based near Potters Bar, Herts, just north of the M25.
  • We work mainly in North London, and in Hertfordshire, but being situated on the M25 and A1/M1, we are able to cover projects throughout an arc from Windsor to Peterborough and east to Maidstone.
  • Our project range is from around £200k to £5m build-cost.
  • Our aim is to provide the level of professionalism for medium sized projects, that larger practices do for multi-million pound schemes, but scaled down to suit each project.
  • Our view of projects is a highly commercialised one, and our aim is to realise the greatest potential for every scheme.
  • We prefer to provide a high level of service, rather than to be the cheapest architects on record. Nevertheless, our prices are still extremely competitive.
  • We are an efficient CAD based practice, being wholly computerised, and all drawings and specifications are computer generated from the outset.
  • Our attention to detail extends throughout the design process, where we provide more drawings of better quality than is normal, which ensures fewer problems in construction.
  • We have an excellent track record in Planning, and we frequently obtain difficult Permissions, especially in conservation areas and on listed buildings.
  • We also act as CDM Co-ordinators on our own projects, and carry out basic cost control on smaller projects