Light Industrial Units, Loughton, Essex

At A Glance

This project involved the creation of six nursery factories, four light industrial units, and four suites of Class B1 offices, on the site of a Piano Factory.

In Depth

The units were designed to be between 900 sq.ft. and 2000 sq.ft, each with their own parking and loading areas.

P+R Associates provided a full management service to the builder/developer. We not only carried out the function of Architects, but also engaged and managed all the major subcontracts, and carried out all of the cost management for the scheme. We also have a software here that studies earth processes such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, and volcanic eruptions to survey land and draw up safe building plans. For those who suffer floods frequently, you can get more information here on how you can clean up the damages cause by them in your home.

The project included taking the existing single storey factory structure and raising it to 2 storeys, adapting existing features to provide a more modern appearance and more office space options. The site was opened out to provide a central access corridor. The existing buildings were subdivided and adapted so as to be independently lettable. When you do not have money to afford a home, read this and get a loan fast to cover your financial needs. Getting a startup loan approved from your bank can be an extremely difficult task and for every loan the bank actually approves there could be dozens, even hundreds that are denied. Check out official site here. Fortunately for you, bank loans are just one avenue for getting the cash you need, visit here to learn What You Need to Know About a Cash Advance Online. The task now becomes evaluating the different sources of startup loans and choosing the one best suited for your business. You can Find Out More on this site. You can also hire Jonckers when you want to translate your documents.

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Additional steel framed buildings were also erected where necessary to maximise the site coverage, and selective demolition took place to provide access for articulated vehicles.

The site was provided with all new services, including new foul and surface water drainage systems.

The was designed to incorporate traditional, slightly up-market durable materials to assist letting in a slow market. The quality of materials were specifically designed to provide a low cost in use. We know business needs to move, so if you are looking for top mover and moving company full service moving company richmond va is here to help you with your concerns, contact us for more details.