Health Centre for Enfield Community Care NHS Trust

At A Glance

This was a complete refurbishment of an existing Health Centre, plus a two-storey extension of some 4,000 sq.ft.

In Depth

We had many expectations in this awesome project, new rooms were built, as well as, remodeling was done in different areas. The project included the installation of a new passenger lift, new boiler plant, a new babycare clinic,a new room to provide travel vaccinations and finally new office and conference areas. Go to the article now

All the existing areas of the building were refurbished, including offices for district nurses, midwives and health visitors, ophthalmic services, dentistry, anabolic steroids users, chiropody, and doctors’ consulting and examination rooms for four practitioners, where they can give you recommendations about healthy supplements as original Red Vein and more. If you ever need back surgery then make sure to get treatment for your herniated disc.

The existing boiler room was demolished after removal of asbestos insulation, and new boilers installed on the roof of the existing building. THey are rebuilding with glass door repair columbia md.

The two storey extension was designed and built to match the existing building, and arranged so that all existing facilities could be used from the same core, resulting in new space being maximised with minimum circulation spaces. We find a west palm beach roofing company getting our job done.

The specification included for a new disabled person’s lift, automatic entrance doors, and new wet central heating system with low temperature radiators with high output.

On completion, the building was delivered to the Trust ready for use and complete with all finishes, including carpeting in the offices and safety flooring in the public areas.

The project was carried out on a fast track basis with a restricted budget and a tight timescale, in order to achieve Practical Completion before the end of the financial year.

Planning permission was obtained in four weeks, with the assistance of the Local Planning Authority, and the project took only 7 months from start to finish, including Planning Application, Building Regulations Approval and Health Authority Approval on completion.
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