Outward Bound Residential Centre, Orpington, Kent

At A Glance

This was the complete refurbishment of a Listed 3 storey country house, with extensions on three sides, and part demolition of previous extensions.

In Depth

This project principally involved the extension, alteration and refurbishment of the existing Listed Building, used by a charity for outward bound activities for children. The project also included the refurbishment of the existing Special Needs Unit, the Pool House and the caretaker’s lodge, as well as a new workshop, and revised access to the site. Also they set aside a budget for cleaning service and decided to get it from maidcomplete.com. Speaking of cleaning, all sorts of cleaning services and dirt removal services including residential mold removal are offered at Pure Airways, they are going to use pressure washing too, for more information on this kind of cleaning check here. Pure airways is the leading cleaning and restoration brand in United States. They are into mold removal services also. I bet, Pure Airways is all you need if you are looking for an efficient air duct cleaning services. The “mold removal companies near me” service page allows all of their clients find the best mold removal company based on their needs.

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The parking and driveways were re-organised and resurfaced, we got the best advise and workers from Warrington Driveways. The grounds were landscaped, and a new pond created to take the surface water drainage which was designed by www.primemoldremovalbrooklyn.com.

The project was a fast-track exercise, where P+R Associates were instructed in April, on a 10 week programme, so that tenders could go out in July with full construction drawings, for commencement on 1st October. The works were completed 7 months later. If you need an upgrade in security or if you lost your keys, contact the experts from Queens Locksmith!

The works included the provision of a new bespoke steel framed conservatory, new catering kitchen, new changing facilities, an upgrade of all of the insulation, having access to a locksmith near me 24 hours, improved fire precautions and means of escape, and upgraded sanitary accommodation, and finishes, throughout the building. Concerning kitchen, if you need dishwasher repairs service, just contact appliancesrepairedmonton.com

P+R Associates were instructed at sketch design stage, to prepare all of the construction information in consultation with the Clients Representative and the Project Manager, and obtained new Planning Permissions simultaneously with provision of the construction drawings.