Country House, Northaw, Hertfordshire

At A Glance

The project involved the extension and complete refurbishment of a rambling country house, on a wonderful site in the Green Belt.

In Depth

P+R Associates prepared a design to re-organise and the internal circulation and spaces, so that the relationship of the rooms was greatly improved and so that it could be occupied successfully as a modern family house.

The building was extended on two storeys in several locations to improve the circulation and the accommodation, and a Planning Approval under “very special circumstances” was successfully negotiated with the Local Authority.

P+R Associates were employed to carry out the initial design, obtain and Planning Approval, and provide all of the construction drawings up to Building Regulations Approval stage, following which the Client/ Contractor was able to implement the works with assistance from us. If your need for funding is really urgent, is it easy to get a bad credit loan depending on your needs and present circumstances. Visit the check cashing memphis for more details.

During construction, the whole of the building was refurbished to a very high standard, including complete re-wiring to accommodate audio visual systems with immersive sound, hot water installation in Sydney and underfloor heating, provision of air-conditioning by heating and cooling greenville sc in all principal rooms , refurbishment of the pool house and related systems, new kitchens and bathrooms throughout, and new landscaping externally. On related topic, if you’re looking to buy a house and make a loan, checkout