Extension and Refurbishment of House, Hatfield, Herts

At A Glance

Alterations and extensions to existing 1950s house, to create a 4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms.

In Depth

The project involved several small extensions on every side of the house, including single storey front and rear extensions and two storey side extension.

The object of the project was to provide a sutebstantial increase in the size of the house, converting it from a modest three bedroom house with one bathroom, to a generous four bedroom house with two reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, and large office, starting off with a kitchen cabinet painting calgary service to provide the kitchen a more sophisticated look. You also want coupon code for nutrisystem for your healthy family.

There’s also included special framing in the windows with handmade details and lovely sunblinds with new technology movement provided by the Arrow Window Connecticut team, and some beautiful exterior doors to warm up inside with special lock security from a trusted locksmith shop. Right when you go in you can see the beautiful detailing in the columns with a great entrance of lighting coming from the window in the front door.

Another special features included in the house, like the cedar-lined pyramidal ceiling for the living room where lateral restraint was provided with a stainless steel cable suspension structure, and the new chimney and fire place, complete with solid slate hearth quarried specially by Delabole Slate.

The total floor area of the original house was 150 sq.m. (1,600 sq.ft.), and after extension it is now 234 sq.m. (2,800 sq.ft.).