Reconstruction of Mews House, Radnor Mews, W2

At A Glance

The project involved the demolition and reconstruction of this tiny mews house.

In Depth

The Conservation Area constraints required the original barrel vault roof to be retained, but as this was structurally unsound, the original cement and tile roof was removed, and a new curved steel and ply roof was substituted, complete with curved insulation, to current standards. They even changed the locks for the new owners with the help of this mobile locksmith.

The project included the complete reconstruction of the front wall of the property and the reinstallation of the floors, including the ground floor, to revised levels, in order to make the best use of the building.

At first floor level, the underside of the barrel vault roof was exposed to give extra height to the main rooms, while an extra loft was created over Bedroom 3, for extra storage. This design was more on like granny flats where you can save space, add to your home’s value, comfort, attractiveness and you can create your own interior design with the high quality materials provided by

The building was highly serviced with sophisticated lighting controls and entertainment systems, which were integrated with the computer systems and TV aerial wiring, that also have internet connection so people be able to play video games as CSGO, even using boosting or guiding sites as If you need to add other information to the document or pdf file, visit for more info.

The finishes were to an extremely high standard throughout, and this was achieved through close collaboration between the Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer, and Client.

P+R Associates were responsible for taking the project through initial design, obtaining planning permission, carrying out the detailed design, obtaining tenders, and subsequently seeing the project through to completion and playing fantasy gamblers to celebrate.