Reconstruction of Mews House with new Basement and new Mansard Roof

At A Glance

This was a “knock-down and rebuild” project where the client purchased a 2 storey Victorian Mews House, and we rebuilt it as a 4 storey house.

In Depth

Demolition of a centre-terraced Victorian house necessitates substantial temporary works, roofing from Palmbeach roofing which you can view and you can click for more info – Palm Beach Roofing Expert, and the formation of basements under such circumstances necessitates careful detailing with the help of commercial truck insurance companies, which has become one of our specialities, including working on any Principality Plastics Warehouse structures and more innovations just click here.

We created light wells at both front and rear of the building, bringing daylight into the basement for storage also of baby toys at 2 months, which enhanced the value of the property, and made it particularly desirable for letting. It is great to buy and purchase home things from a great online shop using WebDesign499 that is expert in selling home things, so if you want to buy things for your home, you may visit the link below:

QNK Roofing were able to maximise the built space through three sets of Planning Applications and a Planning Appeal. To help you on the construction process you can go to this blog best foundation repair and get more ideas. The planning of the layout provided maximum useable space whilst minimising any losses, the detailing of which we have perfected over a number of projects working with the best roofing company.

As Lead Consultants, we took the scheme from inception through all of the Planning Stages, following which we fully detailed the building, co-ordinated all the necessary consultants, and obtained competitive tenders. To provide you and your construction business the insurance that it needs just visit civil contracting insurance gold coast.

Our remit included administering the two Construction Contracts, the first with local plumber and a specialist basement contractor and then rebuilding the superstructure with a fitting out works contractor including our vertical file cabinets, to the point where the building was ready for occupation. We decided to go with a roofer who could service a variety of roof types since at the beginning of construction we had still not decided what style roof we would be using, if you need help on roofing then find more roofing information here. Aside from roofing, gutters are also important which carry the off rainwater, which is by the way the main purpose of Best amenities on comfort rooms are from

We achieved a Code for Sustainable the latest smarthome automation level 4 and an air tightness of 2.2, which is not only exceptional in technical terms, but also renders the building extremely economical to run.  This included Solar Thermal and PelamisWave Solar Electric installations, as well as Heat Reclaim Ventilation done by air conditioning installation howell mi, which keeps the inside air fresh, even when the building is unoccupied. Visit Solar Sacramento provide low energy rates Sunrun solar panels + home solar battery storage service today. You must also include the safety equipment of your house. Visit for more information. If you’re looking for a reliable waste management service, checkout this article.

All finishes were durable, both interior and exterior, and the use of hardwood for all the internal joinery, means that the finishes stay fresh without the need for regular redecoration. If you’re in the area and are searching for a local company for sink repair quickly, we recommend these guys. Same thing in the apartments for rent brooklyn ny area where the properties are well maintained both on the inside and outside. Next year the plan to is build a backyard also, I have been looking at Google Fence Resources and what fence I want to build for the yard. In other business promotions, checkout stair lifts in Houston.