Reconstruction of Mews House, Leinster Mews, W2

At A Glance

The project involved the demolition and reconstruction of this mews house with a new mansard roof, where only the front wall at first floor level was retained.

In Depth

The project involved the construction of a new second floor mansard roof with rear roof terrace and new fence the need it to done by skilled welders thanks to Skilled Welding this will be possible also the conversion of the ground floor garage into living accommodation and a new space was added with the purpose of creating a new garage.

This time the owners have decided to use renewal energy for part of this house, they want to start incorporating it little by little into their lives, in the hopes of reducing business gas prices incurred onto the house. Since we are not experts on the field, we have decided to contact the sandbarsolar team and use their services, according to them unlike solar powered energy, fossil fuels are non-renewable resources. Not only do they take years to form, but the rate of use is far greater than the rate of formation.In addition to being non-renewable, fossil fuels also produce around 21.3 billion tons of CO2 each year. According to scientists and environmentalists, CO2 is our global warming contributor that causes the average surface temperature of the Earth to rise.

With the strange climatic changes in the last couple of years, I wouldn’t doubt that our growing pollution has some sort of effect on the weather and the apparent shift in seasons. However, we still manged to push this project until the end, our goal was to see it finished before summer, and thankfully we did make it happen, at the end this just made us feel a lot more confident, we now know that we can make anything possible, we are ready for the next project to come.

The challenges of the project were to provide an open light space in a building which was bounded on three sides by party walls, so we need it to know some welding tips and tricks, this was achieved by the introduction of a lightwell on the first and second floors with a roof terrace on the second floor.

P+R Associates were responsible for taking the project through initial design, obtaining planning permission, carrying out the detailed design and obtaining tenders, and subsequently seeing the project through to completion. the back of the building built by residential roofing homer glen il. This allowed light to penetrate into the staircase and landings at all levels, whilst providing private sitting-out space.